Brief History of Technlogy.

  • It is a commonplace that humans are distinguished from other creatures by a technological ability, and man has often been described as a tool-using animal.
  • The distinction is not entirely valid. Some animals do use tools.
  • Chimpanzees are the most often quoted example, stripping a twig to plunge it into an anthill and then eating the tasty termites which cling to the end of it.
  • There used be whats called a typewriter which turns into a modern day computer. Also there were telephone and now we have touch screens, e.g: Iphone, Ipad, Ipod touch and Andriod devices.
  • It has been evoling into something better.

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    This is an old motorola tac phone which was introduced in 1994 but released in April 25, 1989



    This an iphone 5s which was introduced on September 20 2013.

    This is how technology has been evolving for the past millonia 2400bc - 2015

    Technology has evolved past the centries and have mostly been making our life successful.

    2400 BC The abacus, the first known calculator, invented in Babylonia

    2013 Iphone 5s